CHRISTOS 2015 Spring Summer Wedding Dresses Show

CHRISTOS affiliated AMSALE which is another creative direction wedding brand led by Amsale Aberra. It established as a classic romantic bride haute couture line.

CHRISTOS founded by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannako. Christos Yiannakou retired in 2005 20 years later in his leadership of the brand and the brand took over by Amsale Aberra. As creative director of CHRISTOS, Amsale Aberra she not only in support of heritage, but also add a modern perception for into the series.

Amsale Aberra one hand takes CHRISTOS as a timeless classic, on the one hand takes it as a natural extension of her own series wedding dresses. Unlike AMSALE series reflects the modern United States because of their heart romantic side. Amsale Aberra will take CHRISTOS as its own traditional bringing a fairy-tale soft romantic feel.

CHRISTOS dress stick their heirloom-like quality, which uses the most first-class silk and French lace has become a brand identity, particularly in the use of the most classic lace Allen.

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