British-style wedding

Shiny carved silver cutlery, filled with the aroma of violets, traditional and classic British style wedding strikes!
British culture always brings people the impression of the classic aristocratic. British-style wedding emphasizes the integration of the simplicity and classic fashion elements into the details of the wedding. British-style wedding in new season, in terms of color or decorative objects, is doing all the beauty of simplicity, but revealing elegant atmosphere bit by bit!

Beautiful purple color themebritish wedding
England’s most popular color will be elegant beautiful purple now. Purple is romance with a mysterious beauty and seems calm and noble. Purple roses, tulips and violets are all good choices. Simply use can make your wedding into a romantic purple storm!
Silver-white luxury as embellishment
When a large scale of purple meets white candles, silver cutlery, it will immediately deduce noble blurred elegant atmosphere. Colored antique silver cutlery and candlesticks are often bought as presents for newlyweds’ fathers’ memorial gifts.
Simple retro temperament invitation cards
Main colors of traditional British wedding invitation cards are very simple, pure color written excellent, revealing noble simplicity. Invitation cards coupled with paid envelopes, all participants will return their personal information to facilitate the placement before the wedding; tables and menu card design should be of the same style as invitation card, thus form a group of simple notes.
Easy classic British afternoon tea
Afternoon tea in the British style wedding naturally can not be ignored. In attendance, whether it is in the outdoor lawn or in the indoor restaurant, English afternoon tea of elegant appearance and classic taste will give guests a wonderful relaxing time, the waiting for the wedding ceremony becoming full of fun.

Retro Bride
In British-style wedding, the most classic image of the bride is dressed in white wedding dress, with large pieces of white feathers veil and vintage pearl necklace. Classic British style wedding advocates white, which symbolizes purity of love and good luck. And “PosyÊRing” and “RegardÊRing” full of British style are the best keepsake tokens of affection.
Sweet Cakes
Tiered wedding cake is an essential element of British style wedding. The first layer wedding cake will retain to the first child’s born to be baptized in the traditional English wedding, or even kept to the wedding anniversary, a symbol of marital loyalty. The more fashionable young people can also choose the Cup Cake, makes sharing sweetness become fashionable and intimate.
Elegant flowers
Flowers of concise elegant color will highlight the beauty of simple elegance of British style wedding. White, light green, purple and other colors can make the newcomers and guests exposure to the environment calm and peaceful, savoring this extraordinary day of happiness pleasure.

Nostalgic dance
Traditional British wedding is romantic and solemn and dancing is an essential part. Happy new guests dance around, making the wedding into a sea of joy.
England Hotels
In the England weddings, people mostly choose the scenic countryside villa or castle and other historic sites, which contain historical and cultural charming making the wedding even more special. Newcomers living in the city can try a natural flavor suburban villa, or England deco style hotel of both the historical and cultural atmosphere, making all the guests feel the elegant atmosphere of England.

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