7 kinds of collar fashion wedding dresses

I believe everyone know that the collar is very important for the wedding dresses. We usually say that the overall feel good is ok in the wedding, in fact, when we see the beautiful brides, our eyes are often stop at the bride’s upper body first. At this time, the wedding chest line design and build agreement, close the body effect is becomes essential, although the customize wedding dress, the strapless wedding dress is more, but the strapless dress is also have many details! Every bride body is different, so the collar-shaped natural fit is different, here i will recommend the common collar for you, it is also called chest line.

sweetheart lace wedding dress

1 Sweetheart

Features: it is same shape like heart, the middle part is rather deep, the sides is relatively high, it is the good choice for the full chest women, but also it is the best choice for the relati
very sexy female. Heart-shaped wedding dress will be significantly full chest, but also it is make the neck look more slender.

Good for: sexy and plump bride

Not suitable for: do not want to bare, thin bride

strapless layered wedding dress

2 Strapless

Features: For busty bride, strapless is a very popular style, it is also the common style in the chest line wedding dress.

Good for: broad shoulders and collarbone clear Bride

Not suitable for: flat-chested bride

sheath lace off shoulder wedding dress

3 Off shoulder

Features: The collar is resting on the bottom of shoulder, the collarbone and shoulders are exposed, the sleeve is covered part of the upper arm. This wedding dress styles is suitable for vast majority of the female body, chest size medium or relatively plump women wear would be particularly beautiful. However, if the arms is fat or not used to bare shoulders, then you can try the following description of the chest line.

Good for: busty and pear-shaped body of the bride

Not suitable for: Bride broad shoulders, Thick arm bride

Portait a-line wedding dress

4 Portait

Features: It is very similar to the above wedding style, but it can be use more fabrics which is look like a wide and shoulders are connected soft round.

Suitable: arm thick, prominent clavicle bride

Not suitable for: The bride of clavicle is not obvious.

big round collar wedding dress

5 Big round neck

Features: Classic pretty universal style, the neckline can be cut very low, back is also often rounded, the curved design has more advanced! Some are relatively thin!

Good for: almost everyone

small round collar wedding dress

6 Small round neck

Features: It looks like a T-shirt, it is also called T shirt collar, along the bottom of a circular arc throat.

Good for: The chest is relatively flat (make you look plump)

Not suitable for: Busty women (it is also make you look more “plump”)

big v lace sheath wedding dress7 Big V-neck

Features: As the name suggests pull, and sometimes the back is also a V-shape.

Good for: B cup or C cup breasts bride

Not suitable for: less than B or greater than C brides

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