5 most pouplar wedding theme color palette

If you want to get married in the fall and winter seasons, or get married in 2015, then you must learn the color trends for the wedding in 2014, you can arrange a memorable wedding scene.

blue color wedding scheme

1 Blue

Blue seems to be most favorite by the new couple, especially the navy and royal blue, it is the hot color for wedding in 2014, we have collected several small series about navy blue, I hope to give you some reference.
Pink Wedding Themes

2 pink

The pink wedding theme is loved by many brides and it is also very popular in the wedding, this color can continue to manufacture a surprise for people, the style is also changeable, different mix can create a different visual ambience. Intense hit color, classical art can come out from the pink world, use of pink color can make your wedding layout more amazing!

grey wedding themes

3 Gray

Gray is very popular in the wedding colors, it seems surprising for people, but in the first half 2014, and the colors really pop anomaly, in the second half of 2014, it will continue to be popular, we have collected to gray wedding colors, we hope to provide usual inspiration for wedding couples palette.
water blue wedding themes

4 Water Green

Aqua color combinations with other bright lines is undoubtedly the hottest wedding color mix in 2014, and the water green is also undoubtedly one of the hottest colors in the years.

coral wedding ideas
5 coral
Whether you are looking for a stunning colors to decorate your wedding ceremony area, or light up your table color? So coral is definitely an excellent color, because it is a kind of charismatic wild colors!

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