2015 mix and match wedding dresses popular trends

2015 wedding dresses trends, mix and match is becoming the new trends, as long as you master the magic of live mash, bridal makeovers is that simple.

Slim dress + Detachable chapel tailing

Yes, the secret of a multi-wear clothes is to have a large detachable skirt. Add this skirt, the skirt is turned into bridal dress immediately, grand and dignified, noble and beautiful, in short, the bride’s gas field was came out, to wear this style in admission, said “I DO”.

Take off this big skirt, the slim dress skirt is to become the party dress after the wedding, no matter what is long or short dress. But the most important thing is that the dress shape is need to column style, it can not be A-line or mermaid style, otherwise ti will affect the detachable big skirt shape.
long sleeved transparent lace wedding dress with detachable chapel tailling  beige satin wedding dress with chepal trailingslim lace wedding dress with chepal trailing long sleeved lace wedding dress with detachable chapel trailingSlim lace wedding dress with detachable chapel tailing

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